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About Meta Morfoss App

Meta Morfoss can transform herself into anyone and anything—angels, steam trains or crocodiles. But not all adults appreciate this skill. And what are a burglar, Albert Einstein and the violinist David Oistrakh doing in the story? This humorous and imaginative children’s story Meta Morfoss by Peter Hacks (1928–2003) about metamorphosis is one of the best in world literature.
With its special Reading Quest format, the app motivates children to autonomous reading. The tapping of keywords in the narrative triggers the animation of the funny, colorful illustrations. The app comprises three languages—German, English and Russian. The interactive elements and child-friendly design do not distract from the text; instead they support the reading process and understanding.
For bookworms and app geeks aged eight to 99. Even children who don’t particularly like to read will make their way to the very last page! It takes about 40 minutes to get through the app. Readers are guaranteed to have fun—over and over again.

Lisa, 10 years old: I liked the app because I had to find words and tap them, which made the figures in the picture come to life. That was very funny. I’ve never done anything like that before because we don’t have a tablet at home. I like to read a lot so it wasn’t very difficult for me to get through the whole text.

Alfred, 9 years old: The app was great. Quite a nice story. It wasn’t that hard. Except to find nouns - that wasn’t so easy. But there’s a solution sheet we can peek at. I would like to play the app again. And I would like to test another Reading Quest.


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